Wood Restoration/Repairs

Our favorite relics cannot last forever. They will need the careful touch of a skillful hand to eventually restore them to their former glory or improve upon their already stellar designs. Replacing entire sets of furniture, especially wood, can be very expensive, but a professional furniture restorer can repair your antique and wood furniture to restore its strength and extend its lifespan.


Over time, furniture that is frequently used, such as chairs, tables, tables, and dressers, can break or become damaged, and reliable furniture refurbished can fix furniture that has been broken, scratched, gouged, burnt or water damaged at a fraction of the cost of replacement. They can also replace or recreate broken or missing pieces of your furniture.


Restoration professionals who renovate wood furniture use cutting edge technology, products, and techniques to restore your wood and antique furniture to its original condition.

Typical wood furniture repair services include:

Precision Repair: Repair minor surface damage such as scratches, dents, gouges, watermarks, burns and stains.
Finishing/Polishing: A professional polish will help remove surface scratches and restore the wood to its original appearance.
Re-bonding/minor adjustments: Repair structural damage or broken parts with re-bonding and stabilization; readjustment of doors and boxes.

How we repair and refinish

AJ's custom woodworking wood repairing process was influenced by the methods practiced by some of the country's greatest furniture renovators. Hands recreating your favorite pieces take this through, careful and meticulous approach to restoration, and it goes something like this:


  • Initial renovation: We take the time to understand the support structure of your furniture and then fix the problems one by one that caused it to deteriorate. We repair and replace supports, assemble and fill in weakened areas to ensure your furniture is as strong or durable as it used to be.

  • Stripping: Our craftsmen manually remove the frame from the Photo using an advanced wrap system that pumps the stripper through a nylon brush. The stripper gently removes old finishes without affecting the urea-formaldehyde adhesives typical of antique furniture. The repair continues with a mixture of water, oxalic acid, and mild bleach that evens out the color and pulls mineral stains to the surface where it can be sanded.

  • Prepping: When preparing furniture for final renovation, we use steam to allow the wood to repair nicks and dents naturally. Drawers and doors are equipped and equipped with stops, the guides, and guides that carry them are checked and the sashes are installed correctly. Then we detail and sand to make the surface of the furniture look like new.

  • Finishing: Special attention is paid to each finish. A primer and a grinding sealant are applied to the surface to prevent warping and delamination. Then, depending on the piece of furniture and our customers' wishes, we apply putties, paint wood, brush on pre-catalyzed varnishes, and hand rub finishes.

You've never seen a wood repair service like this

Repairing antique and wood furniture is not a daily furniture repair. Put your favorite furniture in the hands you can trust. Give us a call or send us information to learn more about how we can restore the integrity and beauty of your favorite furniture today!