Custom Wood Office Furniture

At AJ’s Custom Woodworking, we believe that you should be able to furnish your office with pieces that resemble your hard work. We guarantee that our custom wood office furniture is comfortable, stylish, customizable, and truly personal. You get to select the style, type of wood, stain, and features that will make the furniture perfect for you.


We offer several different types of custom wood office furniture, allowing you to get everything that you need from AJ’s. Read on to learn more about the different pieces we offer and what they can add to your office space

Office Desk


A desk is arguably the most important piece of the office overall. It is where everything gets done and where you spend so much time. That’s why it’s crucial to invest in a desk that you love. Don’t settle for something that just gets the job done, get something that you enjoy spending time at. Ultimately, a desk that you love will help get you through long work days and office hours.


Whether your desk is for a computer setup, an art set up, or just a general office desk setup, we are up to the challenge. We know that desks can have many use cases, and we’ve built tons of unique desks for our clients already. Whatever you will use your custom desk for, we can confidently say that we can build it for you exactly how you want it.



Our custom bookcases will prove to be the perfect place to display your book collection, effortlessly adding visual appeal and functionality to your office space. From start to finish, our building process puts a focus on quality and individuality. That way, you can enjoy a beautiful and unique piece that no one else has.


Don’t just store all of your books away in the attic where nobody can appreciate them. Books are a great representation of your growth mentally, and what better place to display that than your office. Our custom wood bookcases are the perfect solution for storing books in your office.

Filing Cabinet 

While filing cabinets have a boring and bland stigma around them, they don’t have to be an eyesore. At AJ’s Custom Woodworking, we craft each unique filing cabinet to be the style you desire, fit in the right space, and function the way you need it to. Getting a custom wood filing cabinet for your office will not only be a beautiful display piece. Additionally, it will also help you keep everything tidy and organized.

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If you are interested in elevating your office with custom wood furniture, don’t hesitate to reach out to AJ’s Custom Woodworking. Our team of expert craftsmen is ready to take on your project and deliver you with the beautiful furniture your office needs. We can create anything imaginable, and we live for the challenge that unique furniture presents. Give us a call at 804-402-6726 to get started today!