Custom Wood Living Room Furniture

At AJ’s Custom Woodworking, we believe that every living room should have a custom touch that makes it unique to the homeowners. One of the best ways to do that is to get custom wood living room pieces. We offer our valued customers several types of custom wood living room furniture. These unique pieces will bring the room together and give your home some fresh appeal.

Coffee Tables


Our custom coffee tables are handcrafted by our team of expert craftsmen with quality and customer satisfaction at the forefront. We know that coffee table projects need to be unique, so rest assured knowing we are up to the challenge. Coffee tables are often the centerpiece of a living room, however, they still warrant little thought from most homeowners.


Getting a custom wood coffee table from AJ’s Custom Woodworking is your chance to wow guests and create something special. Our talented craftsmen will create something beautiful that fits with the theme and pulls the living room together.


End Tables

While custom end tables don’t get quite as much attention as coffee tables, they’re a beautiful piece to add to your living room. End tables go beside a larger piece of furniture, therefore complementing that piece and adding functionality. A custom wood end table allows you to have more customization over the appearance of an end table, making it unique and fitting for your living room.

Sofa Tables

People often mix up sofa tables with coffee tables, but the two have some key differences. Sofa tables are taller than coffee tables, typically mirroring the height of your sofa’s back. That’s why they can be a perfect addition to your sofa’s overall appearance.


If you are looking for fine quality craftsmanship to elevate your sofa and living room space, AJ’s Custom Woodworking is the shop for you. We have helped our customers with many custom sofa tables before creating a distinctive look for their sofa area.

Media Consoles

Custom wood media consoles are where looks, storage, and entertainment meet. Often a media console makes a living room space, considering that people mostly use modern living rooms for entertainment. Whether you are looking for something modern, rustic, mid-century modern, or minimal, we’ve got you covered.

Accent Tables

Accent tables are the perfect way to complement your interior design with a beautiful, unique piece of furniture. They are typically long and thin and can be put in multiple areas around your living room. Our custom wood accent tables are perfect for an entryway, between a couch and the wall, or even next to a chair. 

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If you are interested in elevating your living room with custom wood furniture, reach out to AJ’s Custom Woodworking. Our team of expert craftsmen is ready to take on your project and deliver you with the beautiful furniture your living room needs. We can create anything imaginable, and we live for the challenge that unique furniture presents. Give us a call at 804-402-6726 to get started today!