The Finest Custom Wood

Dining Room Furniture in

Richmond, Virginia

Made by local carpenter from local materials.

AJ's Custom Woodworking is here to be your local expert to create the finest custom wood furniture in Richmond, Virginia. We are based just on the doorstep at North Chesterfield with our boutique custom wood fabrication shop and a team of passionate carpenters, as well as housing one of the region’s master carpenter and cabinet makers.

Custom wood furniture is a signature statement in your home, designed and crafted by Allen “AJ” Davis himself. We value the quality that the finest wood can bring your furniture. It will last forever through your bloodline, getting better with age.

We put our heart and soul into every custom wood furniture piece and truly love each project we do. Our clients rave about the personalized care and attention that we give – a service standard we hold dear. We specialize in delivering superior customer service alongside the finest handcrafted furniture.

Each project begins by entering a discussion with you to understand your true needs and scope of the work to be done. This enables us to fine-tune and craft a unique piece of custom wood furniture that will fit your design aesthetic while being sturdy and practical at the same time – we take no compromises.

We can start through a simple phone call, quick email, or by visiting your home. This will give us the first impression on the kind of custom wood dining room furniture you need, whether it be a dining table, sideboards, dining chairs, dining benches, or more. Once we have agreed on all of the most important details, such as the suggested dimensions, type of wood, and aesthetic elements, we can create a quote for you based on the prospective work to be done.

Once we have agreed on those details, you will receive a contract that will specify the scope of the work. Next, we’ll perform an on-site visit to your home to collect measurements and to have a one-on-one conversation to finalize all design elements before fabrication begins. We’ll be in constant contact throughout, making sure you understand the entire process and you’ll never feel like you’re left in the dark – we take pride in involving each customer in the creation of their unique custom wood dining room furniture.

As we pride ourselves in the care and attention that we give to our carpentry projects, we can also offer that same level of service for furniture you already own, whether they are antiques or family heirlooms. We can repair and refinish them to breathe new life into what you already have.

We take pride in the fabrication of beautiful, long-lasting custom wood dining room furniture and we’d love to work with you to create a piece that will define your home and your family. If you’d like to learn more, please don’t hesitate to contact us below for more information.